Knife Sharpeners

What You Need to Know

How frustrating is it whenever you have a dull cutting knife and you need a sharpener that will rapidly and simply get it sharpened  like new again?  We’ve all been there and have mangled our fingers trying to cut through that watermelon – or the tough steak.

Whenever you purchase a set of expensive knives be sure to get an excellent sharpening stone, or one of the many terrific sharpeners available on the market.  We all know that

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these knives will become dull in time and need to be sharpened.  The typical technique of sharp

ening knives with moist stones is often still used today.  In fact, old school silverware sharpeners do well when using this sharpening method.  However, that may be too much for the novice or one that is in a hurry.  Cutting edge technology today that makes high quality knives makes it necessary to have top quality sharpening tools.

Regardless of whether it is your lawnmower blade, kitchen knife, pocket utensil or any other type of blade, possessing a good good quality knife sharpener within your workshop is a must.

If you’re a housewife with and are very handy, you may find it easy to use this utensil as your sharpener of choice.  Most restaurants would rather invest in knife sharpening equipment as kitchen knives play a crucial role within their kitchen.  Cooks preparing meals will need to sharpen their knives constantly.  This is as a result of varying textures of the food they need to chop and cut for long hours and naturally, their knives take a beating from this much use.  Having to send knives to a specialized knife sharpener may present a few unpredictable snags along the way and can compromise the cooking blade as well as cost a great deal money.  Electric knife sharpeners are a great investment for restaurateurs as this makes the lives of their kitchen staff much more efficient in their performance.

The market offers several models of chef’s knife sharpening equipment suited for either property use or skilled use.

Prior to purchasing an electrical chef’s knife sharpener, you might have to know the shape and slope of one’s knife’s blade.   A blade’s beveled edge will tell you how sharp the silverware should be or how well it might cut.  Many chefs prefer Japanese knives because they tend to be sharper and the chef is able to show off his skill with precision cuts and slices due to its tight beveled angle.

* Kitchen knifes
* Steak knifes
* Meat cleavers
* Lawnmower blades
* Axes
* Machetes
* Pocket knifes
* Hunting knifes

Always pay attention to the type of grinding stone used in the electrical sharpener you would like to buy.  The diamond coated stones are tougher however, and tend to do a superb job on most knives.  Single phase electrical silverware sharpeners normally sharpen each side of the blade using interlocking grinding wheels.  Just put the chef’s knife in between the vertical wheels using the sharp edge facing down and slowly pull it through.  Do this a few times until the silverware is sharp enough for you.  If you would like a fancier knife sharpening tool, you will find multi-stage electrical sharpeners out in the marketplace. They are made with 3 types of grinding stones.  The second stage has a medium surface grinding stone to eliminate the scratches as it smoothens and sharpens the blade’s edge.  The third phase lets you polish and buff your utensil with its high-quality surface stone or plastic disks.

Basic Knife Cuts

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